African Violet Clubs

Local and national African violet clubs, societies, forums, mailing lists, and online discussion groups.

African Violet Societies

African Violet Society of America (AVSA) – Lists all regional and local affiliated clubs.

The African Violet Society of Canada (AVSC)

The Toronto African Violet Society (TAVS)

The Gesneriad Society

African Violet Online Forums and Internet Groups

AV Swap Buddies – AV Swap Buddies is a forum where African violet and other gesneriad growers living in the U.S.A. can share cuttings and starts of their named varieties of African violets. AV Swap Buddies is a forum for experienced hobbyists to share growing methods, hybridizing information and more. (This is not a beginners group or open trade forum.)

African Violet Brat Pack (online Affiliate of the AVSA)

AV Connectionn

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