AV Leaves in an AeroGarden – Update

African Violet Leaves in Aerogarden

I started seven African violet leaves in an AeroGarden unit to see if I could successfully grow plants from leaves this way. Here are the results:

In the few weeks, I lost two leaves quickly to rot (Rob’s Seduction and Rob’s Shadow Magic). I suspect that the air circulation in the area of the AeroGarden unit was insufficient, leading to the loss of the leaves as well as the additional problems with powdery mildew, surface mold, and rust rot noted below.

At 4 weeks the leaves at the back of the AeroGarden unit were bleached out from too much light, and Rob’s Seduction was rotting away. Plantlets were beginning to show at the base of Shirl’s Hawaiian Lei leaf.

Rust on Shirl's Hawaiian Lei
Rust on Shirl’s Hawaiian Lei

All the plugs were choked with algae and spotted with white mold.

At 60 days, the situation was worse:

Rob’s Slap Happy was prolific but bleached out and tinged with rust. Rob’s Boondoggle was very susceptible to powdery mildew.

Shirl’s Hawaiian Lei was succumbing to rust rot. Rob’s June Bug was choked with algae and not producing plantlets yet. My F2 hybrid leaf was bleached out, choked with algae, and spotted with white mold.

Leaf Experiment Unsuccessful 🙁

At 60 days, I deemed the experiment unsuccessful. I will try again in the future with better air circulation and less intense light and post the results here. Stay tuned…

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