Where to Buy African Violets

The following greenhouses and nurseries offer African violets online. Many of these mail order nurseries offer a selection of other gesneriads in addition to African violets, as well as terrarium plants, companion plants and other house plants.

  • Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses – Managed by Paul Sorano, Lyndon Lyon carries a full line of African violets in addition to companion plants (streptocarpus, orchids, Rex begonias) and miscellaneous terrarium plants.
  • Bloomlovers – Tina has been growing and selling African violet plugs, leaves and plants for years and almost always has a number of auctions active on ebay. She carries many hard-to-find varieties, lots of chimeras, minis, semi-minis, standards, trailers and episcias, and her shipments are packed with great care.
  • Travis Violets – Located in Georgia, Travis offers a large selection of plants and leaves including many vintage varieties as well as his own hybrids.
  • Fancy Bloomers – Donna has a nice selection of popular hybrids in various pot sizes, as well as leaf offerings.
  • Buckeye African Violets – Home of the famous hybrids by Pat Hancock, Buckeye varieties grow LARGE, so if you’re looking to grow large standards this is the place for you.
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