Anthoflores African Violets

Anthoflores African violets

Anthoflores African violets are found in supermarkets and home improvement centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Produced in Ontario by Harster Greenhouses, many growers are first introduced to African violets through these popular hybrids.

When I first started growing and collecting African violets I got most of my plants from Home Depot, supermarkets, and a large local nursery. Most of them were Optimara or Rhapsodie series, Ultra Violet African violets, or Anthoflores African violets.

Anthoflores African violet descriptions are often difficult to find, and many collectors start keeping a log of Anthoflores African violets as they come across them on the Web and from other growers. Below for reference is my unofficial, collected list of Anthoflores violet descriptions. You can see photos of the ones I’ve grown here. (Some photos are over 20 years old!)

My Unofficial List of Anthoflores African Violets with Descriptions

  • Anthoflores Alexis (Harster Greenhouses) Dark blue, white edge; light green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Alf (Harster Greenhouses) Large blue, white edge; medium green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Alma (Harster Greenhouses) Light blue, white edge; dark green; Compact
  • Anthoflores Alrick (Harster Greenhouses) Semidouble White Pansy Blue Thumbprint. Plain, Light Green. Large
  • Anthoflores Appollonaire (Harster Greenhouses) Frilled white with blue edge; medium green; Compact
  • Anthoflores Ariel (Harster Greenhouses) Single white sticktite pansies with frilly blue violet edging; medium green, tailored, quilted. Standard
  • Anthoflores Arno (Harster Greenhouses) White and blue bi-color; medium green; Compact
  • Anthoflores Baker Pink Star (Harster Greenhouses) Single pink and white stars; medium green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Barnabe(Harster Greenhouses) Semidouble white pansy, dark blue radiant eye; medium green, pointed; Large
  • Anthoflores Bastian (Harster Greenhouses) Large sky blue, medium green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Bayer (Harster Greenhouses) Dark blue; medium green; Compact
  • Anthoflores Bayer Mauve (Harster Greenhouses) Single purple; dark green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Benjamin (Harster Greenhouses) Dark blue frilled; dark green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Benji M. Bic (Harster Greenhouses) Frilled white with dark purple edge; dark green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Berti (Harster Greenhouses) Single to semi-double dark blue pansies; medium green, plain; Large
  • Anthoflores Blue Star (Harster Greenhouses) Single to semi-double white pansy with dark blue thumbprints; dark green, plain; Standard
  • Anthoflores Brielle (Harster Greenhouses) Dark mauve with white edge; dark green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Brutus (Harster Greenhouses) Ruffled purple pansy with fine black edge; medium green, ovate; Standard
  • Anthoflores Busso (Harster Greenhouses) Dark blue single pansy; medium green; Large
  • Anthoflores Denise (Harster Greenhouses) Single dark red; light green; Compact
  • Anthoflores Edith (Harster Greenhouses) Single – semidouble white pansy, lavender/purple radiant eye; medium green, pointed; Large
  • Anthoflores Elias (Harster Greenhouses) Double red with blue tinge; medium green, ovate. Standard
  • Anthoflores Fire Red (Harster Greenhouses) Single – semidouble bright red pansies; light green, plain. Small Standard
  • Anthoflores Hanna (Harster Greenhouses) Single white pansy, red eye, thin red wavy edge; medium green, slightly scalloped; Small standard
  • Anthoflores Honore (Harster Greenhouses) Frilled white with red edge; medium green, round; Standard
  • Anthoflores Henrietta (Harster Greenhouses) Single and semi-double stars of bright rose pink with pure white centers. Medium green, tailored, symmetrical; Standard

  • Anthoflores Horacio (Harster Greenhouses) Single ruffled purple, white centers; medium green, plain; Standard
  • Anthoflores Guillaume (Harster Greenhouses) Single and semi double frilly white pansies marked with red at the centers and petal edges. Tailored, medium green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Caroline (Harster Greenhouses) Semi double and double frilly white pansies with candy pink edging. Tailored, symmetrical, medium green, quilted foliage
  • Anthoflores Irma (Harster Greenhouses) Large medium red frilled; light green round; Standard
  • Anthoflores Ivan Bic (Harster Greenhouses) Very large white with red edge; large leaves
  • Anthoflores Lila (Harster Greenhouses) Light purple frilled; medium green;
  • Anthoflores Lila Bic (Harster Greenhouses) White with light purple edge; medium green
  • Anthoflores Little AxelSemi-double white pansies with blue thumbprints; medium green; Semi-miniature
  • Anthoflores Little Barty [sometimes labeled as L. Barty] (Harster Greenhouses) Single fuchsia star, wide white fringed edge; dark green, wavy. Miniature
  • Anthoflores Lorelei (Harster Greenhouses) Single Purple / White Edge Pansy. Medium Green, Light White Variegation. Standard
  • Anthoflores Maeva (Harster Greenhouses) Single Hot Salmon / Purple Fantasy Pansy. Plain, Light Green. Standard
  • Anthoflores Marie (Harster Greenhouses) Single dark red; dark green; Compact
  • Anthoflores Marion (9332) – Blue & pink fantasy; large, dark green, round;
  • Anthoflores Maxime (Harster Greenhouses) Single white pansy, purple eye, variable green ruffled edge. Medium green, plain. Standard
  • Anthoflores Moe (9328) – Blue & pink fantasy; large, round leaves
  • Anthoflores Narcissa (Harster Greenhouses) Double lilac blooms; plain dark green, red back. Standard
  • Anthoflores Natalie (Harster Greenhouses) Large blue stars; medium green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Pansy (Harster Greenhouses) Large mauve with dark eye; medium green
  • Anthoflores Patrick (Harster Greenhouses) Very large purple frilled; medium green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Percy (Harster Greenhouses) Semidouble Purple Pansy. Dark Green Plain. Standard
  • Anthoflores Prosper (Harster Greenhouses) Very large frilled white with purple edge; light green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Ralph (Harster Greenhouses) Single pink pansies with darker pink centers held on strong bloom stems. Very dark green, tailored, quilted foliage with red reverse; Standard
  • Anthoflores Ramone (Harster Greenhouses) Large single medium pink; medium green round; Standard
  • Anthoflores Ramses (Harster Greenhouses) Dark rose pink; dark green; Compact
  • Anthoflores Raoul (Harster Greenhouses) White and pink bicolor; light green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Raphael Semi-double frilled white pansy with peachy-pink markings; plain medium green. Standard
  • Anthoflores Reinhardt (Harster Greenhouses) Light pink frilled, darker eye; dark green
  • Anthoflores Ricardo (Harster Greenhouses) Semi-double/double frilled bicolor, white with pink blush; medium green ovate; Small standard
  • Anthoflores Richard (Harster Greenhouses) Single dark pink pansies; plain, medium green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Robert (Harster Greenhouses) Light pink frilled; medium green; Compact
  • Anthoflores Rock B. Blue (Harster Greenhouses) Medium blue double rosettes; medium green, curly; Standard
  • Anthoflores Rock B. Rose (Harster Greenhouses) Single pink, frilled; medium green, curly; Compact
  • Anthoflores Rodin (Harster Greenhouses) Dark pink and white bicolor; dark green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Rosa-Lea (Harster Greenhouses) Single dark rose-pink with ruffled darker rose edge, rose glitter overlay. Medium green, plain, ovate.
  • Anthoflores Rose (Harster Greenhouses) Semidouble Pink Pansy. Medium Green. Standard
  • Anthoflores Rose Blanc (Harster Greenhouses) Single, two-tone white pansies with pink markings; medium olive green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Rose Claire (Harster Greenhouses) Double light pink rose-shaped blooms; medium green, curly; Standard
  • Anthoflores Rouge Red (Harster Greenhouses) Pink with red edge; dark green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Saskia (Harster Greenhouses) Dark purple pansy. Medium green, ovate; Standard
  • Anthoflores Simone (Harster Greenhouses) Single and semi double salmon pink frilled pansies; dark green, ruffled; Standard
  • Anthoflores Vanessa (Harster Greenhouses) Light blue, white edge; dark green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Virginia (Harster Greenhouses) Single Pink Pansy. Variegated White & Pink, Plain. Standard.
  • Anthoflores William (Harster Greenhouses) Single white; medium green; Standard

Anthoflores Millennium Series (Year 2000)

  • Anthoflores (9901) (Harster Greenhouses) Single dark pink with white eye; dark green; Standard
  • Anthoflores (9902) (Harster Greenhouses) Dark red frilled with white eye; dark green; Standard
  • Anthoflores (9904) (Harster Greenhouses) Single dark blue, white eye; dark green; Standard
  • Anthoflores (9914) (Harster Greenhouses) Large, double pink and white; medium green; Standard
  • Anthoflores (9915) (Harster Greenhouses) Semi-double, dark purple and white bicolor; dark green; Standard
  • Anthoflores (3913) (Harster Greenhouses) Light pink with white eye; medium green; Standard
  • Anthoflores (239) (Harster Greenhouses) Semidouble salmon pink, purple fantasy; medium green; Standard
  • Anthoflores Fire Red (Harster Greenhouses) Single to semidouble bright red pansy; light green, plain; Small Standard
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