Growing Black-eyed Susan Vine from Seed

Thunbergia grown from seeds

I just planted two hanging baskets of black-eyed susan vine (thunbergia alata) in yellow and white (mixed baskets). I soaked the seeds for about 12 hours before planting. The seed germination rate was very high and the baskets will be quite full:

You can get fresh black-eyed susan vine seeds here.

With an eastern exposure, the plants are growing fast. At three weeks the tendrils are starting to reach for everything in sight – I’m going to have to hang them in a window soon or they will grab hold of my window blinds!

Thunbergia grown from seeds

I love thunbergia indoors and out. This vine doesn’t really need to be ‘trained’ to climb – it will hang from a basket or climb a trellis with no coaching at all. Here are some photos of black-eyed susan vine I planted for outdoors this summer:

Orange black-eyed susan vine

One hanging basket of orange thunbergia alata hanging from garage lamp light

You can read more about growing blackeyed susan vine here and here, and see the USDA profile on thunbergia alata for more info.

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