Blooming African Violets

African violet Firebird

Here’s a quick look at some of the African violets blooming on my plant stands…

African violet Firebird
African violet “Firebird”

Firebird is a vintage violet that I always want to grow, and that I always wind up trashing to make room for better plants. It has an unruly growth habit and the flowers are droppers, but it has such a pretty, fringed Geneva edge!

Faded Denim has to be one of my favorite blue African violets. The color is a really nice, light blue and the blooms are large.

I grew Whisper Blue to see what all the fuss is about – there have been lots of mentions of this plant on African violet forums. I have three growing now, but they will go to more loving homes. The leaves have nice variegation, but grow downward for me, and the purple flower is just not that interesting. I think I’d rather give the space to something more spectacular.

Goluboi Tuman
Goluboi Tuman (Blue Mist)

Goluboi Tuman is my only blooming Russian hybrid. (The English translation is “Blue Mist.”) This is its first bloom cycle, and I’m hoping cooler weather will bring out more white in the blossoms.

Super Duper
African violet ‘Super Duper’

Super Duper is a nice, large pink African violet, with blossoms that can grow to be 3″ across. The foliage tends to grow upward for me (like cabbage – not a trait that I like or want to pass on in hybrids).

Nancy Leigh – This pink AV is a keeper for me. I’ve been enamored of doubles and triples lately (pom-pom type flowers) and this one surprised me. It started out looking very green and then pinked up nicely. It won’t make a good show plant, but I like it anyway because the leaves are very glossy.

Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler
Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler

Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler: A very nice variegated plant, and the single flowers have a strong dark pink sparkle edge.

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