Annuals & Perennials

How to Grow Hypoestes

Hypoestes are delicate care-free annuals that make a spectacular ground cover or border plant. Seeds sprout easily and plants grow quickly, requiring very little pruning or maintenance. They prefer partial shade and will reseed freely in warmer climates.

How to Grow Thunbergia

Thunbergia is a very easy to grow annual as a climbing vine or in window boxes and hanging baskets. If allowed to climb it will quickly cover a trellis or fence offering a colorful display all summer long …

Mixed Polka Dot Plants

Polka dot plants (hypoestes) are easy house plants and outdoor annuals. They grow quickly and self-seed, you need only to prune them and keep them well-watered.

Thunbergia Photos

Thunbergia photos blackeyed susan vineThunbergia, or blackeyed susan vine, is a popular annual that you don’t often see grown as a house plant. If you have a bright window you can grow and flower thunbergia in a hanging basket, or allow it to climb.