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Bonsai Tree Composition

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai balance and composition are important techniques for attaining a natural presentation of how a mature tree looks in nature. The art of growing a well-formed bonsai tree is best achieved by following these traditional bonsai principles …

Bonsai for Beginners

Flowering Dwarf Plum Bonsai

To grow bonsai with an indoor plant, certain tropical trees such as Ficus, Schefflera (umbrella tree) and Fukien tea are often recommended. Most tropical bonsai would really prefer to be grown outdoors at least from spring until first frost. They will do well indoors if given adequate light in the form of direct sunlight …

How to Grow Bonsai

bonsai tree

Growing bonsai is an art form, a composition of shape, color, and presentation. It’s all about starting with a tree with good bonsai potential and training it to achieve artful balance and form.