Seed starting indoors

Spring is the time to start planting seeds! Start seeds indoors for transplant outdoors after the last frost- (or start them any time of year for indoor gardens.

Indoor Strawberries

You can grow strawberries indoors in hanging baskets and pots, in window boxes, strawberry jars and other containers. If you are wondering how to grow strawberries indoors on a windowsill, under lights or on a lighted plant stand, follow our progress from planting to harvesting.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map

USDA Planting Zone Map and Hardiness Chart. Know when to plant what in the United States and Canada. What planting zone do you live in?

Growing strawberries

I’ve been growing strawberries indoors in containers on windowsills. Indoor strawberries do well if they re well watered and receive sufficient light to flower. Here are some photos of the first strawberry ripening on a potted strawberry plant: You can see the first strawberry forming in the center of the flower. This plant is a container plant that I neglected to transplant into a hanging basket. Since the plant started

Fun Indoor Gardening Projects

Indoor growing projectsThere are many viable seeds found in a typical home that can be sown indoors as a gardening project. Some suggestions include avocado pits, coffee beans, orange seeds and other citrus fruit seeds, spices such as …