AeroGarden Grow Project #1

Growing bell peppers hydroponically

Before ordering an AeroGarden I started saving seeds from tomatoes (cherry and grape) and bell peppers. Some particularly delicious miniature bell peppers yielded a good crop of seeds, so they are the first seeds to be sown in my new AeroGarden.

Grow Project #1: Bell Peppers

Red, orange, and yellow baby bell pepper seeds were sown midday immediately after unpacking the AeroGarden. Seeds sprouted on the 5th day – earlier than anticipated. Bumper crop on the way…scroll down for the latest photos.


AeroGarden Pro 200
Not much to see here yet…



DAY 28

Bell Peppers in AeroGarden at 28 Days
Baby bell peppers at 28 days. A garlic plant grows in a pot to the left, and thunbergia seedlings (black-eyed susan vine) are in plugs to the right. A minimum-maximum hygrometer/thermometer monitors the humidity and temperature.

DAY 31

DAY 40

DAY 48

See how the pepper plants look at 60 days…click here!

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