Growing Flowering Maple from Seed

Abutilon seedlings

I just planted some old abutilon seeds (‘Bella’ series – you can read more about flowering maple here). The seeds were over a year old and were not stored properly, so I didn’t expect a great germination rate. First, I soaked them overnight for about 12 hours.

Soaking seeds before planting is very helpful for hard-shelled seeds like abutilon, thunbergia, and cilantro (coriander).

The Bella series produces flowering maple plants that are compact in size and shape well with pruning. I planted about 20 old seeds and only four sprouted:

Flowering maple also grow well in passive hydroponic setups – from ‘Texas style’ potting to hydro pots. I have started flowering maple seeds in an Aerogarden and transplanted them to rock wool and clay aggregate for growing on – you can read about that here.

I’m curious to see what colors I’ll get from these four plantlets – they could be yellow, pink, orange or red – pale or intense color. I will nurse them along and post updates on their progress. These flowering maple plants are destined for a garden club holiday luncheon in December.

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