The Fragrant Garden

We’ve pulled together lists of some favorites for reference when planning a fragrant garden. The following fragrant garden flowers are best grown from seeds or young plantlets:

» Alpine strawberry (perennial)
» Cottage pink (perennial)
» Datura (annual or biennial)
» Heliotrope (annual)
» Stock (annual or biennial)
» Sweet pea (annual)

>Fragrant Perennials

Several perennials with fragrant flowers are easily grown from young plantlets or seedlings. Here are a few favorites:

» English lavender
» Scented-leaved geranium
» Sweet violet
» Trailing rosemary

These popular fragrant garden perennials are best grown from bulbs or tubers:

» Freesia (perennial)
» Hyacinth (perennial)
» Lily-of-the-valley (perennial)
» Peony (perennial)
» ‘Star Gazer’ Asiatic lily (perennial)
» Tulip (perennial)

>Fragrant Vines & Climbers

Vines add additional interest to architectural elements in the garden such as trellises. These fragrant vines are best grown from young plantlets or seedlings:

» Honeysuckle (perennial vine)
» Poet’s jasmine (perennial vine)
» Jasmine polyanthum
» Stephanotis
» Mandevillea laxa
» Clematis armandii
» Star Jasmine

>Fragrant Shrubs

These garden shrubs with fragrant blooms are best grown from young plants or seedlings:

» Damask rose
» Gardenia
» Lilac
» Rosa rugosa
» Sweet daphne
» Wisteria (climbing shrub)

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