Botanical Name: Fuchsia

An annual favorite for hanging baskets on patios and decks, many of the newer fuchsia hybrids are extremely heat tolerant and unfazed by extreme humidity or occasional drought.

» Type: Annual
» Zone: 3 to 9 depending upon species
» Exposure: Morning sun or partial shade. (Full sun only in cooler zones)
» Colors: Shades of red, pink, lavender, white
» Attracts hummingbirds

Fuchsias bloom from late spring until the first frost and come in a variety of forms including trailing (hanging baskets) and shrubs. They prefer regions with cooler summers but will grow in most areas with shade and some dappled sunshine. Fuchsias should be protected from direct sun and sheltered from wind.

Pruning fuchsia helps shape the plant and encourages blooms. Blooms appear on new growth so pruning should be done before new spring growth appears.

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