Colorful Rooting Vases

Hanging Glass Rooters

I just love glass rooting vases. Glass rooters hung in a window are particularly attractive when hung two or three together with differing cord lengths.

Hanging Bubble Glass Rooting Vases

Colored glass rooting jars help starts and cuttings root quickly. The shaded glass shields the roots from direct sun and keeps algae to a minimum. Start ivy, pothos, begonias, coleus, philodendron, herb cuttings, and even root African violet leaves in these pretty rooting jars.

Tabletop glass rooting jars

I have some heirloom ivy growing in glass rooters from a sprig of English ivy from my sister’s wedding bouquet. The ivy never took to potting soil and thrives in water, so now I have several ivy plants on windowsills in tabletop glass rooting vases. I also grow pothos, spider plants, and arrowhead vine permanently in glass vases.

Rooting vases and jars come and go in popularity and are sometimes hard to find. Grab them while you can – they make great gifts for indoor plant enthusiasts. See what’s available now.

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