Growing Strawberries Indoors

Indoor Strawberries

I’ll be growing strawberries indoors for my next indoor garden project. My bell peppers grown indoors are doing so well that I’ve decided to move on to small fruits! This weekend I’ll be planting strawberry plants in hanging baskets, pots, and other containers.

Ever-Bearing Strawberries
Ever-Bearing Strawberries

There are many varieties of strawberries, and three specific production habits to choose from:

“June-bearing” strawberries – these plants produce strawberries early in the season yielding a harvest through June and July

“Ever-bearing” strawberry plants produce fruit three times throughout the season (spring, summer and fall)

“Day-neutral” – plants yield strawberries all year long

Since I will be growing strawberries indoors I wanted ever-bearing or day-neutral strawberries , and settled on two varieties known for their excellent flavor, color, and easy care:

  • “Quinault” (ever-bearing)
  • “Eversweet” (everbearing>

Although we’ve always wanted to grow strawberries in strawberry pots or jars they just aren’t as conducive to indoor growing as is planting strawberries in hanging baskets or growing strawberries indoors in a windowbox.

Ever-bearing strawberry harvest
Ever-bearing strawberry harvest

In spring you’ll find strawberry plants at indoor garden centers and sometimes in the garden department of home improvement stores. If you can’t find locally the types or varieties of strawberries you’re interested in growing you might want to order online. If you are an outdoor gardener or prefer to grow on a patio or deck, strawberries do very well in lots of different kinds of containers from ceramic strawberry pots to hanging grow bags.

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