Growing Abutilon Hydroponically


Abutilon (also called ‘Parlor Maple’ or ‘Flowering Maple’) respond very well to passive hydroponic grow systems. Below are photos of several abutilon plants at 6 weeks old and later in bloom.

The plants below were first sown in regular peat plugs and grown under lights for 4 weeks before being transplanted into hydroponic pots with rockwool as the medium. A balanced fertilizer (7-7-7) was used for the first four weeks and then a weak solution of hydroponic bloom booster formula (10-15-10) after transplant into hydro pots.

Lighting consisted of two T12 ‘cool’ fluorescent bulbs (“shop lights”) about 10″ from the plants for about 10 hrs. per day. Although wide spectrum, HID or other specialty grow lights may enhance growth, regular fluorescent lighting is all that is necessary to grow abutilon plants hydroponically. Abutilon may also respond well to other hydroponic growing methods (nutrient drip, flood and drain, aeroponics etc.).

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