Hydroponic Gardening Supplies

For the hydroponic gardener: Quick links to reputable sources for hydroponic and aeroponic growing supplies and grow lights.

Hydroponic Grow Systems:

AeroGarden – the sleekest kitchen hydro unit on the market today. Combination of hydroponics and aeroponics, comes in many styles and colors.

AeroGarden Hydro Unit


Fluorescent Fixtures
Grow Rocks – Hydroton, Leica
Hydroponic Fertilizers
Hydroponic Grow Systems
Hydroponic Pots
LED Grow Lights
Metal Halide Grow Lights
Net Pots
Self-Watering Planters
Shop Lights
Soil, Potting Mixes & Accessories

Baby Bloomer – An ebb and flow starter system for beginners who want to grow small-sized plants.

Emily’s Garden – A small, six-plant system for the beginner hydroponic gardener.

Emily's Garden Grow System