Indoor Gardening Supplies

For the indoor gardener: Save time with these quick links to reputable online merchants selling indoor gardening equipment and supplies.

AeroGarden Grow System
African Violet Supplies
Baby Bloomer Grow System
Basil Seeds
Bonsai Trees & Accessories
propagator" title="propagators">Domed propagators, Domed Trays
Emily’s Garden Grow System
Fluorescent Grow Lights

Grow Lights & Lighted Plant Stands:

Grow Rocks – Hydroton, Leica Rocks, Clay Aggregate
heat mats">heat mats

Herb Gardening:

House Plants
Hydroponic Grow Systems
Hydroponic Fertilizers
Hydroponic Nutrients
Hydroponic Pots

Indoor Planters & Plant Stands
Indoor Plants
Insecticidal Soap
Jiffy pellets">Jiffy Peat Pellets
LED Grow Lights
Lighted Plant Stands
Metal Halide Grow Lights
Murphy’s Oil Soap
Mushroom Kits
Neem Oil
Peat Plugs

Pest Control:

Plant Stands
Net Pots
Potting Mix

Propagation Supplies:

propagator" title="propagators">propagators, Domed Trays
Rooting Vases
Shop Lights
Sticky Traps
Streptocarpus Seeds
Tabletop Plant Lights
Tropical Plants
Watering Supplies
Wheatgrass Kits
Windowsill Greenhouse
Yellow Stickies