Lighted Plant Stands – Time for an Upgrade?

Lighted Plant Stands - Time for an Upgrade?

Most indoor gardeners begin growing plants on a windowsill, usually herbs or foliage house plants. They eventually graduate to grow lights when they move on to flowering plants or planting seeds, both of which require more light exposure. That’s when most experienced growers upgrade to one or more beautiful lighted plant stands, built for display as well as function.

Shown: Smaller tabletop grow systems and a one-shelf floor cart. Clicking images will take you to shopping pages.

Compact tabletop grow light system
Small table top plant light unit
Table top grow lights - 4 ft.
One shelf rolling flower cart or grow cart - floor model

Lighted plant stands come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, from tabletop grow lights to five-tier units. And with a stagnant economy, prices have never been better.

Three Shelf Lighted Planted Stand
Compact 2 Shelf Lighted Plant Stand
Two shelf Lighted Plant Stand

Why not take your indoor garden from shop lights in the basement to an elegant display in the living room with a beautiful lighted plant stand that will show off your green thumb, create a point of interest in the room, fill your view with blooms, or keep your herbs within reach year-round.

More grow light styles:

Lighted Plant Stand
Two shelf kitchen grow cart
Two shelf Lighted Indoor Plant Stand
Compact grow lights

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