NOID African Violets

NOID girl leaf African violet

I buy named varieties from several well-known African violet vendors throughout the year, by mail order and at shows and plant sales. (The best buying experience I’ve ever had was as the AVSA national convention.) Because I have such a beautiful collection of proven show plant varieties I am rarely tempted to buy an African violet from a supermarket or “big box” store like Home Depot or Lowes. But this one caught my eye because I don’t often see girl-type leaves available at retail stores:

NOID African Violet
NOID African violet – Purple pansy, dark green girl leaves

Plain purple pansies are not my favorite blossom type, but this NOID African violet (a plant with no I.D., or an unidentified plant) just grabbed my attention. The leaves are very dark green, heavily lobed, and very glossy and shiny. A leaf taken from this plant produced just one plantlet for me:

Plantlet grown from leaf
Plantlet grown from leaf

My growing space is getting tight and I have very little room for NOID African violets or any plants that are not being grown for show or performing well for me. Both plants have been repotted, so we’ll see how they perform. I doubt I’ll use them in my hybridizing program because I don’t have time to ‘get the blue out’ (blue is a dominant color, and I don’t really care to produce yet another purple hybrid) but if it does well in my plant room I’ll keep the NOID. 🙂

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