Pollinating African Violets

Pollinating African violets is a fun and easy way to producing new varieties and hybrids to call your own. Crossing African violet plants will produce unique color combinations and leaf shapes, sometimes never before seen.

How to Cross-Pollinate African Violets

The reproductive flower parts of the African violet that we need to be concerned with in hybridizing are the yellow anthers (pollen sacs) of the donor (male or donor parent) and the sticky end (stigma) of the style (collectively, the stigma and style are called the pistil). The donor pollen needs to be applied to the sticky end of the pistil when seed parent (female, or pod parent) is receptive. You can read about my method and some tips on how to choose parent plants here.

African Violet Flower Parts

Below are some photos of African violet flower parts. Basically, the ovaries, style and stigma together are referred to as the pistil. The powdery pollen is removed from the yellow anthers, also called pollen sacs, and applied to the tip of the pistil (called the stigma). When the plant is receptive to pollen the stigma will be sticky and the pollen will adhere.

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