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Below are recommended sources for plants, leaves and cuttings, seeds, growing supplies and more. This list is growing, but it is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all vendors, just the ones that I buy from repeatedly because I have found them to be dependable and trustworthy with excellent customer service. If you know of a merchant or vendor not on this list that you think I should check out, please let me know!

Where to buy African violets and related gesneriads:

Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses – Managed by Paul Sorano, an excellent source for healthy African violet plants and leaves in all sizes (standard, semiminiature, miniature), plain-leaf and variegated types, trailing violets, Russian varieties, and some vintage hybrids. Companion plants such as streptocarpus, orchids and Rex begonias are also available along with miscellaneous terrarium plants.

Bloomlovers – Tina Drouin carries many hard-to-find varieties, Canadian hybrids, chimeras, minis, semi-minis, standards, trailers and episcias.

Travis Violets – Located in Georgia, Travis Davis offers a large selection of plants and leaves including many vintage varieties as well as his own hybrids.

Fancy Bloomers – Donna has a nice selection of popular hybrids in various pot sizes, as well as leaf offerings.

Buckeye Violets – If you like large growing African violets the Buckeye series are the champions. Pat Hancock specializes in hybridizing large standards in both plain and variegated foliage.

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