Renewed Dedication to Plants

Lighted plant stand
Late Summer in New York City
Lady Liberty surrounded by sail boats – view from Battery Park.

September in New York! It seems like Labor Day flips a switch and turns on Autumn every year. I actually had to wear a sweater on my way to work this morning.

Fall is a time of renewal for me – a throw-back to the first day of school, with new clothes, new school supplies, and blank notebooks ready for a fresh start. Outdoor activities start to slow down, and my indoor hobbies (gardening, hybridizing, knitting, genealogy) come back full-force.

Autumn also brings renewed attention to my living space, including my grow room and plant stands. This year, I’ve added a new plant stand to my living room – a black 5-tier wire shelving unit:

New Plant Stand
New 5-Shelf unit in the livingroom

This new lighted plant stand will be for “show hopefuls” – African violets that are being evaluated or trained for competition. There are temporary light fixtures in place now until I can get to Home Depot for new 4-ft. shop lights. (The bottom three shelves are temporary storage space for an inactive Aerogarden hydro unit and growing supplies.)

The new shelving unit matches the older one in my grow room:

Lighted Plant Stand in Grow Room
Lighted Plant Stand in Grow Room

This plant stand usually plays nursery for African violet leaves and young plantlets. It’s also my seed starting stand. (All those yellow stickies are evidence of how active fungus gnats were this summer.)

I’ve also added a new long folding table to my grow room that sits level with an East/Southeast facing windowsill. My African violets thrive here, especially when they get direct sunlight in winter. (The grow room is getting a little crowded now since it doubles as my office.)

So… summer is unofficially over, and I’m officially back to paying attention to my plants and my hybridizing program. Take a look at some of the crosses I’ve made recently.

P.S.: If you love African violets, and haven’t yet discovered Annie’s podcast, check it out!

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