Spring Planting Indoors

Seed starting indoors

It’s been a tough winter here in the Northeast, and we’re yearning for Spring to be officially upon us. We’ve taken down what was left of our winter garden and started sowing seeds for the early trading season.

Winter AeroGarden planting

The scraggly remains of the winter AeroGarden planting (from back): thyme going to seed, purple basil, Genovese basil. In front, a small catnip plant (for a friend’s kitty) and more basil.

The basil went into a batch of pesto, and the hydro unit will be readied for our next experiment: propagating African violets in the AeroGarden.

We’ve started herb and vegetable seeds in Jiffy plugs, about 10″ under lights on indoor plant stands. Lights are on approximately 16 hrs. a day. Every available sunny windowsill is in use, too, at this time of year.

Organic basil
Organic basil (8 varieties)
Organic basil seeds
growing cherry tomatoes indoors
Left: catnip and cat grass (for friends’ kitties); Right: tomatoes
growing grape tomatoes indoors
Commercial: grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes
Organic: “Money Maker” (small tomatoes), Falcorosso F1 (plum tomatoes)
baby bell peppers
Baby bell peppers (seeds from last season’s AeroGarden crop)
growing oregano indoors
More basil varieties, and some oregano
growing herbs from seed
Sage, watercress, chives, dill, rosemary, marjoram
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