Yellow African Violets

Senk's Alchemy Parakeet

Hybridizers have been trying to develop true yellow African violets for several years with varying results. The first officially recognized yellow African violet debuted in 1992 (I believe it was African violet ‘Majesty’ hybridized by Nolan Blansit – if you can confirm or correct me, please do!)

Some very promising work with yellows was done by David Senk in California who has produced some unique and exotic African violets. Below are some results of his hybridizing efforts working with the yellow color trait as well as longifolia leaf form.

The Quest for a True Yellow African Violet – Early Work by David Senk

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Senk yellow african violets
yellow african violets
African violet Parakeet
longifolia leaves african violet
Longifolia African violet leaf
Photos courtesy of David Senk

I started hybridizing for a good yellow African violet myself back in 2004, and have been working with yellows on and off ever since. I know I’m a little bit of a perfectionist but I haven’t hit the grand slam yet and so I haven’t registered any varieties yet. When I come up with a yellow African violet that is a good show plant I will definitely introduce it. But, until then, you can check out some of the hybrids I’ve produced from African violets carrying genes for yellow flower color here.

If you are interested in cross-pollinating African violets you might want to try hybrizing gloxinia, too – they are just as easy to pollinate and produce a lot seeds readily.

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  1. Can these yellow violets be purchased?

  2. Hi, Carolyn –

    Yellow African violet varieties are always in demand, and in my experience all of the major vendors offer a selection. The key is to get your order in early before they run out of stock. Most vendors accept orders year-round and then start shipping orders as soon as it is warm enough (usually by April/May, depending upon weather and location). I’ve listed some of my preferred vendors here – just do a search for yellow African violets on their websites to see what’s in stock.

    The yellow-est yellows in my collection right now are:

    Alchemy Yellow Star (9369) 09/24/2004 (D. Senk) Single yellow bell/variable purple fantasy. Medium green, heart-shaped, quilted, serrated. Semiminiature

    Golden Autumn (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Pale yellow single stars with heavily fluted edges. Medium green, quilted, serrated. Standard (User Database)

    Let me know what you get 🙂

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