Growing Bromeliads

Growing bromeliads as house plants is fun and rewarding. Bromeliads are excellent companion plants to African violets, streptocarpus, and other gesneriads.... Read More

Growing Black-eyed Susan Vine from Seed

Black-eyed susan vine grows readily from seed and needs little training to climb a trellis or wall. Hanging baskets of thunbergia will bloom indoors year-round or all summer outdoors, with no pruning... Read More

African violet ‘Magnolia’ Supreme

My African violet ‘Magnolia’ has recently sported (spontaneously mutated) from its original form. Both the flowers and the leaves have changed. African violet ‘Magnolia’ was hy... Read More

Colorful Rooting Vases

Colored glass rooting jars help plant cuttings root quickly. The shaded glass shields the roots from direct sun and keeps algae to a minimum. Start ivy, pothos, begonias, coleus, philodendron, herb ... Read More

How to Grow Hypoestes

Hypoestes are delicate care-free annuals that make a spectacular ground cover or border plant. Seeds sprout easily and plants grow quickly, requiring very little pruning or maintenance. They prefer ... Read More